Enabling Change

Business improvement through developing culture, developing leaders, and developing teams

Operational Strategy

LMAC’s unique Strategy Build Model engages all levels of the organisation to establish only what has to be done, in line with clear business objectives.

Process Design

LMAC’s expertise can help you ‘retune’ your organisation, quickly and effectively, analysing your processes to get your organisation working harder

People Development

Our People Development Programmes are designed to build leadership capability within an organisation and deliver significant results

Industry 4.0

Smart factories are the future of manufacturing. Organisations of all sizes need to start taking steps to transition to this revolution

We also deliver training courses – face to face or online!

Accountability Builder ® Course

This accountability workshop sparks motivation, ownership, and innovation. Inspire every individual and team to achieve the organisation’s results and increase your corporate accountability and approach.

Leadership Builder® Course

Do you need to close performance gaps and enhance leadership accountability? Our Leadership Builder® workshop is designed to inform and inspire your leaders elevate accountability on their teams.

LMAC and your business

Organisations engage us when there is a need for significant operational improvement. We use strategy and our broad range of skills and experience to solve operational issues and deliver results.

How we do it

We evaluate your entire value chain, establish opportunities and then build a strategic plan to streamline your operation. From Supply chain, S&OP, logistics and processing, we have a team of experts to draw on.

The foundation of excellence

“Strategy is choosing what not to do”

Michael Porter – Professor at Harvard Business School

News & Blog

Read the latest industry 4 news and find out how LMAC UK are helping businesses worldwide.



Thinking Lean is something I do all the time; it comes with the territory. In these difficult times I was thinking back and recalling a break I took in the Greek islands a few years ago when I was lucky enough to be in a small Greek village on the north east coast of...

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The art of Yokoten

The art of Yokoten

Having spent years working in a Toyota plant I know what makes it tick, and what to a large degree gives Toyota its competitive edge when it comes to productivity and ultimately the very high ‘uptime’ of the process. In this blog I thought I would discuss one of the...

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