Our People

“LMAC’s strength lies with its people – pragmatic, focused and they deliver on what they promise.” -Bryce Howard, CEO

Nigel Reaney

Founder & Senior Partner

Nigel formed LMAC as a High Performance Business Consultancy company back in 2005.

Passionate about developing stronger, more profitable business organisations, he continues to study global approaches towards high performance business operations. During this time, LMAC have been projected onto the world map where they have engaged extensively across Asia and Europe and Australasia competing successfully with the “big four”.

Nigel’s aim is to keep LMAC ahead of the curve with regards to international best practice and, to continue providing ambitious business organisations with the best possible advice.

Barry Jeffrey

Senior Partner

Before Joining LMAC, Barry worked both as a consultant and as a senior manager at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in the UK.

With over 25 years’ experience working with organisations across the globe, Barry has gathered a wealth of knowledge in strategic business improvement and what it takes to drive operational change.

Barry has been involved with operational improvement in many sectors including Aerospace, FMCG, heavy engineering and the service sector.

Barry is driven by seeing organisations and individuals succeed and his simple no nonsense approach enables him to develop strong working relationships quickly at all levels of an organisation.

Alastair Crawford

Senior Partner

Alastair joined LMAC in 2009, and since then has become a senior partner in the business. Prior to joining LMAC, Alastair was employed by Toyota Motor Manufacturing where he was heavily involved with high level strategy development and deployment within the framework of the renowned Toyota Production System.

Since then, Alastair has studied Business Strategy development alongside some of the world leaders in this field at the famed London Business School.

Alastair has developed LMAC’s unique business strategy model that incorporates latest global thinking for high level performance organisations.

Alastair is currently supporting clients in New Zealand across a broad spectrum of industries including Health Care, manufacturing and technical services.

Naomi Benham

Associate Consultant

With a wealth of experience, Naomi has worked as a Programme Manager within the automotive sector for over 20 years. In this time, she worked both at Toyota and also in the supplier base managing major projects. Naomi has extensive experience managing a global network of stakeholders, working within a high pressured and fast paced environment.

Naomi is passionate about developing and up skilling people through training, coaching and helping them to realise their true potential. She certified trainer in for both our Accountability Builder ™ and Leadership Builder programmes ™ and her relaxed delivery style is appreciated by clients.

Recently Naomi has enjoyed delivering a STEM programme to primary school children, helping develop there learning and better equip students to have a career and considering real-world applications.

Frank Phillips

Advanced Manufacturing Manager

With several years of engineering experience within advanced manufacturing environments, Frank works alongside our deep tech partners to deliver solutions to organisations that are appropriate to their business needs.

His focus is upon fixing problems with simple solutions that give the business a tangible bottom line benefit. “the trick with technology is to make sure it’s in harmony with an organisation’s needs and capabilities, and not just technology for the sake of it”. Frank’s experience with Industry 4.0 began at Rolls Royce Aerospace, where he led a team of 15 engineers using sensors and application techniques on operational test engines, with the goal of optimising digital twins to assess performance and degradation of components. Following a move to BMW, he then worked on automating data collection allowing for variables such as thermal expansion and intelligent machine learning to optimise final product dimensional quality. These experiences build on a solid foundation in traditional operational best practice and continuous improvement, which allows Frank to identify where technology or traditional solutions will complement business requirements best.

His experiences have led him to be one of the first certified Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) Assessors – the internationally recognised benchmark for Industry 4.0 maturity and planning.

Beth Richards


Beth has a busy role within the business, keeping up with rapid changes in the way people consume information and emerging marketing techniques.

Beth is tasked with displaying LMAC’s core competencies in a honest, yet engaging way to relevant organisations. Her target is to display the fact that we have more relevant competencies and, a greater degree of experience in High Performance Operations Internationally.

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