What our clients say…

We value our working relationships, and the feedback we get says it all…

From the moment they arrived on site, the LMAC team built strong working relationships with our people. They have coached and guided us through the tools, techniques and behaviours that sit behind operating a world class production facility.

Working with LMAC is proving to be a very exciting process that has pulled the management teams of our two processing plants together to support a more cohesive approach to business. It is also drawing all of our people out of their comfort zones to give them more confidence to challenge themselves and their processes.

We are really starting to feel a tangible culture for Continuous Improvement developing and becoming embedded across our sites, driven by the challenging but collaborative approach of the LMAC team. This true engagement with our people is one of the key reasons that the real business gains are being released so quickly

Tommy Foggo

Branch Manager, Sanford Limited

The training far exceeded our expectations, for each $1 of training investment we received a 10 fold return in cost savings, performance gains and capacity increases

John O’Callaghan

CEO, Tumblas Products Limited

LMAC supported us creating a step change in our business almost overnight, we created flow and capacity….$140k in annualised savings, 40% lift in capacity, no capex, 4 weeks to implement the solution, a group of happy operators, and a group of engaged, motivated, trained practitioners. Fantastic!

Justin Riley

Former CEO, Barkers Fruit Processors

The whole team felt involved and engaged. Everyone had an opportunity to put forward their ideas. The process allowed us to debate these ideas and challenge each other in a structured way against the desired objectives. When we had finished, we had a set of initiatives we had all bought into and we believed could be delivered by the team.